Kailua Methodist Preschool

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Welcome to our School!!!

Kailua Methodist Preschool is a safe Christian environment where children are taught to understand their world and encouraged to explore the bigger world around them. They are challenged through hands-on activities and life application skills.

Our staff consists of fun, creative teachers that are dedicated, focused and passionate about what we do. We encourage the children to step out of their comfort zone.

Other things we work on are building self-confidence in who they are, learning about character, and training them to learn how to "do it themselves".

Social and behavioral skills are just as important, if not more than academics. It is important for the child to have the proper skills to interact with their peers, older children, and even adults.

 Please stop by the office to pick up an application and/or call to schedule a tour.  Tours are conducted by appt., M-F, 9am-3pm.  262-7674.

March 6 (12pm):  As of today, the available slots are for 2018-2019  school year: If your child was born in July-Dec 2015 or Jan/Feb 2016, we are full.  If your child was born in Jan-June 2015, we have 3 slots for either M-F or MWF and 7 slots for T/Th.  If your child was born in Aug-Dec 2014, we are full.  If your child was born in Jan-July 2014, we have only 3 slots for T/Th.  If your child was born Aug-Dec 2013, we have  5 slots for T/Th.  If you'd like to put your name on the Wait-list for the classes that are full, please give us a call.  Being on the Wait-list does not guarantee a spot will open during the school year.