Welcome to Kailua Methodist Preschool!

...where children are taught to understand their world and encouraged to explore the bigger world around them...

At KMP, our students are challenged through hands-on activities and life application skills. Our staff consists of fun, creative teachers that are dedicated, focused and passionate about teaching. We strive to develop self-confidence in our students; we encourage our children to learn how to "do it themselves"; and we help them begin to develop compassion, kindness, integrity, and accountability.

We also provide our students unique opportunities to help them learn about the world around them as well as to help identify their interests and talents. In addition to age-appropriate academics, we also incorporate into our day:

  • Field trips
  • Hands-on gardening
  • Music and dance
  • Hawaiian language and culture
  • Multi-media art
  • Lessons from our pastor
  • Extra-curricular opportunities (Soccer Shots, Prime Time Kids, Clay Time, etc.)
  • ... and lots of play!  

We believe social and behavioral skills are just as essential, if not more so, than academics. At KMP, we assert that it is important for children to have the proper skills to interact with their peers, older children, and even adults.

Please stop by our office to pick up an application and/or call to schedule a tour.  Tours are conducted by appointment, Monday through Friday, from 9am-3pm.  **DUE TO COVID19 RESTRICTIONS, WE ARE NOT CONDUCTING ANY TOURS AT THIS TIME.  PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE A TIME IF YOU'D LIKE TO COME IN AND GET MORE INFORMATION.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP BY.

We participate in Pauahi Keiki Scholars and Preschool Open Doors (POD).  Please contact them directly for financial aid assistance.

2/27/2021 - UPDATE

Open Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be on March 1.  It is first come, first served.  You must be here in person and have the application filled out.  We will collect Registration fees of $225 (cash or check only) if there is a slot available.  If no slot available, we will put you on a waitlist, but that does not guarantee that a slot will open during the school year.  If you were on the waitlist for this year it does not hold a spot for next year.  When coming on March 1, please practice all social distancing protocols:  mask wearing and staying 6ft apart.  

If your child was born Aug-Dec 2016 or Jan-July 2017, we have 9 slots open for M-F or MWF and 10 slots open for T/Th.  If your child was born Aug-Dec 2017, we have 3 slots open for M-F or MWF and 5 slots for T/Th.  If your child was born Jan-June 2018, we have 2 slots open for T/Th.  If your child was born July-Dec 2018 or in 2019, we are FULL.  Please be aware this does not guarantee on 3/1/21 that all these slots are available as we are licensed for 49 students total per day, so depending on what is chosen, we may fill up fast.  If you do not want to come in, please call the office after 12:30pm on 3/1/21 to see if anything is still available.  If not, we can put you on a wait list, but as mentioned prior, being on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot.  We do not create additional spots.  Spots open when someone withdraws from the school.  Please be patient if coming in person on 3/1/21 and once the office opens we will try to get you in and out as soon as possible.  We appreciate you choosing our school!!!

Please do not email from here as it is not always forwarded to us.  You may contact us directly at: [email protected] or (808)262-7674.